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King’s College

KCL halls to close

By London Student, University of London News

King's College

Students at King’s College London (KCL) are angry at proposals to close the university’s Hampstead halls of residence over the next 2 years under a development plan.

Over 300 people have signed an online petition opposing plans which KCL claims will increase available rooms by 648 by 2016.

Part of the Hampstead residences, which KCL plans to gradually close over the next 2 years under a development plan.

The petition notes Hampstead’s rents are among the cheapest KCL offers and demands managers “show that they are committed to ensuring that King’s is a university open to students from all economic backgrounds, not just those who are economically privileged”.

The petition also raises concerns that construction work will cause “huge disruption to students during the… summer examination period.”

A KCL spokesperson said the university “is committed to providing high quality and affordable residential accommodation” and added: “We understand that affordability is a key issue for students”.

Adrian Polglase, London Student: Issue 7 (17/02/2014)

Anonymous hack QMUL over MoD links

By London Student, University of London News

Queen's Building, Queen Mary, University of London

Online activist group Anonymous has hacked into and leaked confidential information from Queen Mary, University of London.

The information included a sample of student details and map of the college’s IT network.

That ‘hacktivist’ group claimed the move was a response to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) funding “invasive” research at Queen Mary.

This attack was in response to the Guardian’s revelation earlier this month that the MoD funded individual Ph.D students’ cyberspace-related research at six higher education institutions, including Queen Mary and King’s College London.

A member of Anonymous told the Daily Dot that the group “plan on stirring things up over the universities taking MoD cash for invasive research”.

A spokesperson from Queen Mary said “We are investigating the claims. We have informed the police”.

Keumars Afifi-Sabet and Adrian Polglase, London Student: Issue 6 (27/01/2014)