Blood and Faith

Six year ten pupils from Richard Lander school in 2006 were selected to create this dramatic thought provoking piece of Drama. Their task was to help establish and convey reactions to a hospital environment through a patients eyes.

The six actors and actresses were given a tour of the hospital including places like the Pathology lab and the Sterilizing unit, to get an incite and overall clearer understanding of the ‘goings on’ at the hospital.

The group observed and took notes on his reactions and also the doctors and nurses behaviour as they treated the member of the group as a real patient and went through all the normalities and criteria that a real patient would. All of these feelings and observations taken from the students were then developed into a piece of theatre for the local medical school.

In 2007, this piece was so successful, it was professionally filmed to be distributed across training hospitals across the country.


  • Ben Carlin
  • Adrian Polglase
  • Alice Roberson
  • Deborah Roberts
  • Morgan Vaughan
  • Ally Wing

Written By

  • The Cast
  • Sheila Snellgrove

Director of Photography

  • Morgan Lowndes
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